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In Prevent Survive Thrive, Dr. John West states “I often tell my patients the top three things you can do to improve your health and reduce your risk of developing breast cancer is exercise, exercise, and more exercise. Physical activity not only reduces the woman’s likelihood of getting breast cancer, it protects against other significant health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. An additional benefit of exercise is it’s calming effect.”

In his book, The Breast Cancer Survival Manual, Dr. John Link states “being physically active will help you to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, improve mood, boost energy and promote sleep.” Dr. Link also states the importance of incorporating physical fitness into your treatment plan cannot be emphasized enough.


Recent studies have shown a woman can lower her chance of developing breast cancer by walking only 30 minutes a day for five days a week.

  1. Make walking fun by going to places you enjoy like to a park or the beach or inside a shopping center during inclement weather.
  2. Make sure you have shoes with proper support.
  3. Divide your walk into three parts: warm-up by walking slowly, increase your speed to a brisk walk that raises your heart rate while still being able to speak and breathe easily and then cool down by slowing down your pace.
  4. Keep safety in mind, walk with others when possible.
  5. You will get the same benefits as walking outdoors on a treadmill.


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