Rolling with Hope

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We are excited to announce our newest program, Rolling with Hope-Mobile Mammography for the Underserved. We will have the ability to provide no cost mammography to local communities by sending an innovative mobile coach with a radiologist and support staff, in partnership with RadNet, to local health fairs and events. 

The Rolling with Hope program is made possible by a generous Hologic grant and a partnership with RadNet Radiology/Imaging who believe in our mission to spread breast cancer education and basic screening mammography to our most needed populations. Our goal is to provide multiple screening events within each community. Ideally in 2023, we would like to bring Maddy the Mobile Mammogram Coach to multiple locations; and provide mammography’s for individuals who would not normally have easy access because of financial, insurance or other barriers. 

We are here to provide no cost breast screenings and breast care for underserved communities with women who are uninsured or underinsured. Rolling with Hope has the ability to decrease the major gaps of late breast cancer detection leading to intensive treatment and consequently high mortality rates seen in disadvantaged and underserved populations. The impact of early screening can decrease mortality rates, reduce financial costs, and increase overall survivorship to an extraordinary 95%. It is imperative that we disseminate this information into often unknowing underserved, underinsured or uninsured populations.  

Please join us in saving lives!  

Working Today for a Healthy Tomorrow


APHC FREE Health Fair


October 28, 2023

We partnered with APHC to provide screening mammograms at Langley Senior Citizens Center in Monterey Park on 10/28.  This is our second year providing these needed services to this community. Other services included blood pressure, body mass index/body fat %, vision, diabetic foot check, echocardiograms, and glucose/cholesterol.


October 14, New Hope Baptist Church in Long Beach


We participated in the New Hope Baptist Church mobile event on October 14th. The Pink Journey Foundation provided needed screening to the women as well as breast education for all. This is the second event we have partnered with New Hope Baptist Church and are grateful to the many men and women who volunteered at the event to bring these services to the area.


October 13, Rolling with Hope at Red Maple


The Pink Journey Foundation and Red Maple collaborated on a mobile event for the needed population by bringing Maddy to the Red Maple for a day! So much fun, lots of pink everywhere and support from the Red Maple all month! The owners, Brian and Jim, along with their amazing team dressed in pink, dancing and singing throughout the day provided energy and excitement for the restaurant patrons along with the women who were screened. We are fortunate to have such wonderful and giving partners!


September 30, Anaheim Health Fair


The Pink Journey Foundation joined the many no cost services provided at the Anaheim Health Fair on September 30th. The services included mobile mammography, vision, dental extractions and fillings, EKG, physicals, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Bone density assessment, Diabetes, Cholesterol, hemoglobin testing, vaccinations as well as many other partners providing needed services for the whole family. Rolling with Hope provided over 25 mammograms to the women participating in the health event.



September 9, 2023

Many wonderful services were available for the participants at the Corona Community Health Event including mammography, vision, dental, blood donation and supported by the health services in the Corona area. Over 300 attendees were fed In n Out burger after receiving the services brought together by The Pink Journey Foundation and Support Sisterz.


May 6, 2023

On Sunday, 5/6/23, The Pink Journey Foundation, participated in the M.A.L.O. (Motivating Action Leadership Opportunity) family health and wellness fair. No cost services included mobile mammography, vision, vaccinations as well as many other partners providing needed services for the whole family. Food was served and food donations provided, a wonderful day for all!

April 30, 2023

The Pink Journey Foundation partnered with many other no cost service providers at the Huntington Park Health Fair on Sunday, April 30th. Along with mobile mammography, other services were dental, vision, primary care, mental health consultations, acupuncture, as well as others. Over 600 people attended the event and enjoyed complimentary lunch, food donations, and games for the kids.

April 29, 2023

The 2nd Annual University Gardens Health Fair on Saturday, April 29th in Los Angeles was a great success.

No cost services provided included mobile mammography, vision, dental, vaccinations, physical checkups, as well as many other services and partners. Donation of food, exercises classes, meditation, and resources needed, were provided by the Community Builders Group.

Community Builders Group, a Pasadena-based real estate developer, hosted a Healthcare Festival on April 29, at University Gardens, an apartment complex near the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

This is the second year that CBG has partnered with L.A. City Council District 8, USC and South L.A. nonprofits Community Build, Inc., Brotherhood Crusade to produce the day-long Festival.

Over 50 vendors lined the large community space in front and around the cul-de-sac outside of the 113-unit complex. Festival vendors included a mobile mammogram service, mobile dental, vision coaches, food distributors, CORE, the Red Cross teaching CPR and home safety classes, Kedren Community Health Center nutritionists, National University, City of Los Angeles, and social services and more. Please go to the link below to read further details.

A Village Brings Healthcare to Underserved Communities


The Pink Journey Foundation provided no cost mobile mammography to the many women living in the community. Together with RadNet the pink mobile unit is always a pleasant participant to see rolling up!

April 15, 2023

New Hope Baptist Church/New Hope Senior Community, in Long Beach

The Pink Journey Foundation partnered with New Hope Baptist Church/New Hope Senior Community on April 15, 2023 to provide no cost screening mammography. Together with the New Hope staff we provided over 20 screenings and enjoyed a full day of education to the participants.

March 4-5, 2023

Coachella Clinic at the Empire Polo Grounds, in Indio

The Pink Journey Foundation participated in the 2023 Coachella Clinic at the Empire Polo Grounds on March 4-5. California CareForce supports the health and well-being of those in need through volunteer supported, no-cost healthcare clinics across California. There were many services provided to the community including dental, vision, and medical. Through the generous grant funding provided from Hologic, The Pink Journey Foundation provided breast health education along with mobile mammograms to over 50 women in partnership with RadNet.

The Pink Journey Foundation participated in the California CareForce Health Fair in Coachella Valley on March 4-5, 2023. Over 1,100 health services to the community were provided, valued at over $400,000. Residents received vital healthcare services needed to improve their quality of life and as part of the health fair The Pink Journey Foundation along with RadNet provided mobile mammography to the many women attending. 

CareForce certificate

February 26, 2023

Calvary Santa Monica Baptist Church, in Santa Monica

The Pink Journey Foundation partnered with RadNet for mobile mammography to provide needed screenings to the community. Through the Hologic grant, TPJF, continues to provide these no cost services in underserved communities in Southern California.

January 26, 2023

Lestonnac Free Clinic, in Orange

The Pink Journey Foundation partnered with Lestonnac Free Clinic of Orange to provide no cost mobile mammography. Ed Gerber, Lestonnac executive director, provided staffing and scheduled a full day of mammograms. Many women had never had a mammogram and others brought friends with them to get screened. Support Sisterz arrived to provide energy and motivation to our women being screened. It was a successful day and we hope to bring the mobile unit back to the site again soon!


January 7, 2023

in San Bernardino

The Pink Journey Foundation joined The Nurses Pub for a community Health Fair at The Center for Youth and Community Development on January 7 in San Bernardino. Many services were provided including mobile mammography, Covid testing, Covid vaccines, Flu shots, Lestonnac vision testing and prescription glasses, food giveaway, blood pressure and glucose testing. Approximately 200 community members participated in the event.

According to Mona Clayton, MSN, RN, and CEO of The Nurses Pub, “It is an honor to bring valuable resources in partnership with The Pink Journey Foundation and our sponsors, RadNet Radiology and Imaging, Lestonnac Free Clinic, the County of San Bernardino, Vaccinate All 58 (VA58) and Sigma Beta XI (SBX Youth and Family Services ) to the Inland Empire. Many individuals cannot afford basic health care and to have incredible partnerships and sponsors on board will help create a healthier community.”

Melanie Lewis, executive director of The Pink Journey Foundation said, “The Pink Journey Foundation gladly joins The Nurses Pub for a no-cost mobile mammography opportunity. Our ‘Rolling with Hope’ program is made possible by a generous Hologic grant and a partnership with RadNet Radiology and Imaging who believe in our mission to spread breast cancer education and basic screening mammography to our most in-need populations.”


APHC Health Fair, October 22, 2022


in Monterey Park


Getting to know Maddy the Mobile Mammogram Coach 

  • ​The coach is equipped with innovative artificial intelligence (AI) that is powered by Hologic technology. This AI allows for faster results and less likelihood of screening errors. 
  • Results are mailed to individuals within 72 hours. 
  • A RadNet radiologist and tech will be present for all screenings; thus ensuring the highest quality service and results to every person. 
  • The coach has great accessibility because it can run off a generator or use shore power; and can easily be parked at different locations. 
  • The coach has two dressing rooms for comfort. 
  • Maddy first rolled onto the streets of California in September 2021. 
  • This program was developed to provide screening mammograms in areas where women are not always able to obtain yearly screening.
  • The Coach is thirty six (36) feet long and ten (10) feet wide.  


  • Maddy requires at least six (6) parking spaces on a “level” surface in order to function safely.
  • The coach is powered by an onboard generator or plug-in capability, if locations allow. 
  • The coach is equipped with HOLOGIC HD 3D Clarity Mammography equipment, utilizing RadNet’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI).  This allows for less call-backs and less anxiety. Furthermore, studies have shown that AI technology in mammography has the potential to detect  breast cancer one to two years earlier than traditional screening mammography.
  • On board the coach, there is a small waiting area for 3-4 guests, a check-in station, and two changing rooms with a sizeable procedure room. 

You can also request to have Maddy visit your location provided it meets the criteria, or you can be a community sponsor and your sponsorship will allow the mobile unit to visit an underserved community.