Our Story

The Journey

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to providing a thorough education about breast cancer. We recently changed our name from “Be Aware Foundation” to “The Pink Journey Foundation” to represent the road ahead for breast cancer patients. We hope to be partners in that journey and provide optimism, knowledge, and support from diagnosis through survivorship.

We know that the public receives mixed messages from medical advisors, insurance companies, and others in positions of authority about when to start mammograms, how often imaging should be done, and when to stop. The Pink Journey Foundation wants to eliminate the confusion and encourage younger people to perform exams, have routine screenings, and advocate for early detection to save lives.

We offer suggestions to help you understand your risk factors. Based on the keen insights of medical professionals, including our co-founder Dr. John West, we also offer recommendations for wellness and prevention, survival, and thriving post-breast cancer.

Our aim is to help women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages. We are a health journey for anyone who may be at risk of developing breast cancer, already diagnosed with breast cancer or a caregiver to a loved one with breast cancer.

Dr. John West, MD is a distinguished surgical oncologist with decades of experience, specializing in breast cancer diagnosis. He co-founded the Pink Journey Foundation (formerly known as Be Aware Foundation) in 2003 with a former patient and survivor.

The Pink Journey Foundation is an homage to Dr. John West, his wife Jan and their tireless commitment to the breast cancer community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide breast cancer education to EVERY woman, help reduce risk, lead to early detection, and save lives.  We provide optimism, knowledge, and support from diagnosis through survivorship.


Your donation supports our mission to provide breast cancer education to EVERY woman.