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Donor Spotlight: In Memory of Lora Shryock

Meet one of our extraordinary donors: Steve Shryock. Steve recently led a fundraising effort for The Pink Journey Foundation in memory of his beloved wife Lora, who unfortunately passed away from breast cancer at the end of 2020.

Inspired by our mission to get the word out about early breast cancer detection, Steve began raising money for The Pink Journey Foundation through One Hope Wines, a unique winery dedicated to providing profits to the causes of their 6,000 direct sellers.

In May, Steve travelled to Texas to serve wine tastings at four events held in San Antonio, Austin, The Woodlands, and Lake Conroe outside Houston. Attendees totaling 100 were many of his retired Chevron friends and their neighbors. Steve gave a ten-minute presentation about the Pink Journey Foundation, sharing some key points from Dr. West. In addition to the 10% from wine sales, Steve donated and matched all his commissions to the Pink Journey Foundation. Through Steve’s efforts, we also received many direct donations to the Pink Journey Foundation’s new website.

Steve grew up in Orange County and joined Chevron as a Petroleum Engineer. Lora, originally from Alabama, became an interior designer. Married for 44 years, the couple married in 1976 and followed Steve’s career living in California, Texas, Indonesia, Nigeria and Australia. They retired to Dana Point in 2015, where they enjoyed their grandchildren, sailing, golfing, music festivals and USC football. Lora Shryock is survived by her loving husband, two daughters, two son-in-laws and four grandchildren.