Pink Journey Angels


April 2, 2012, is the day that my life changed forever. A few days prior to this, I discovered what appeared to be a small blueberry in my left breast. Although I was scared, I realized that I needed to take action quickly since my mom and several aunts had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past. I remember saying to my husband and sister on my way to Dr. West's office "this is not a big deal, it's nothing". Sure enough, a few days later after multiple biopsies and MRIs, I was diagnosed with stage II Her2+ infiltrating ductal carcinoma. My heart raced and my mind was restless. It was probably the scariest time in my life. I wasn't just scared for myself but afraid of what the future had in store for my two little boys who were 8 and 10 at the time. The thought of not being able to fight this horrible disease was terrifying but the thought of not being around for my kids frightened me more than anything. So with that in mind, I decided to fight, fight, fight! I made it my job to stay positive always. I remember going to the infusion room and being as positive as I could. I remember smiling, laughing, and making a day of my treatment. I would take a friend with me each time that I had treatment. I made chemo and Herceptin my friend because after all, this cocktail was helping my doctors save my life. Today I am happy, thriving, and making every effort to make a difference in someone else's life. There are so many people that made a difference during my treatment, in my life, and in my family's lives. There is no way to pay them back but to pay it forward by inspiring those around me and be a constant reminder that our attitude makes all the difference in the world.